Genomic testing for certainty about your symptoms

If you suffer from clinical symptoms of unknown reason or have a positive family history of any suspected hereditary disease, genomic testing can provide answers and make a precise diagnosis, in order to find certainty and start timely treatment.

With myLifeDNA™, we sequence your entire genomic DNA and interpret selected genes based on your clinical symptoms as well as personal and family medical history. After every analysis, you will receive a detailed report with further information and action points. myLifeDNA™ also includes a subscription to bi-annual updates of your results based on most recent scientific knowledge.

  • Highest-quality interpretation of your genomic data
  • Analysis of genes based on specific symptoms and positive family history
  • Includes a pool of more than 20,000 genes
  • Bi-annual updated results based on scientific knowledge
  • Access to professional genomic counseling
  • Sampling-Kit and global free shipping included

EUR 1.385,00 incl. VAT
Including 12 months subscription for updated results, then EUR 138,00 a year. Annual cancellation without additional cost.

Regular updates

Bi-annual updates of your genomic results based on the most recent scientific knowledge.

Incidental findings

With your consent we report previously unknown genomic results in specific genes that have a treatment consequence but are not related to your potential clinical symptoms.

Easy to understand

Results and recommendations are presented in a suitable way for non-medical people and more in-depth for genomic experts.

Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions

No. You do not need to order a sampling kit separately as this is already included in myLifeDNA™.

myLifeDNA™ helps people find that long sought-after answer and certainty for their personal health. It is the ideal package for the following scenarios:

  • People that suffer from clinical symptoms of unknown reason
  • People with a high degree of suspicion for a genetic disease
  • People with a positive family history for any genetically suspected or known problem
Today, only about 1% of all known mutations can be interpreted properly. However, the field of genomic is rapidly evolving, allowing us to interpret more and more mutations in the future. This means that the possibility for a diagnosis of a potential disease is continuously growing. With your subscription to Arcensus services, we are sending you a new report based on newly discovered research and newly interpreted mutations, every three months. This way your genetic data is continuously checked with the latest clinical research and stays up to date in a rapidly evolving medical field.
We analyse your data based on your symptoms or familiar predispositions with the best in class genomic analysis, the Whole Genome Sequencing. The results of the analysis are shared with you in a report and updated in your personal portal. We offer consultations to explain and help you with potential questions regarding the interpretation, handling and potential treatments. Every six months, we send you an updated report based upon newly discovered scientific data and newly interpreted mutations. This way, your genomic data is constantly aligned with the latest clinical-medical research and stays up to date in a rapidly evolving medical field. Furthermore, we will also report incidental findings, if consented.

We offer a comprehensive package from your genomic testing with Arcensus. This involves integrating your clinical symptoms with our Whole Genome Sequencing that guarantees you a lifelong access to your entire genome.

  1. Whole Genome Sequencing is the only trusted and tested method to identify mutations while minimising the risk of losing out on important genetic mutations possible of causing diseases or disorders.
  2. Our medical and genetic experts will get a deep understanding of potential diseases by analysing your clinical symptoms and family history. With that, we will be able to narrow down your whole genome analysis and pinpoint the exact causative mutations in your genes.
  3. Knowing your personal genome will affect with high likelihood medication decisions.
  4. We are able to offer you high-quality medical and scientific precision by combining your Whole Genome Sequencing result, medical report and bi-annual updates alongside new discoveries. Having an understanding of your genome will guide your decision regarding medication decisions, lifestyle, choice of diets, disease prevention plans and life expectancy in general.

The arcensus quality and transparency codex

Professionalism and transparency

We will never share your information or disclose the result of your analyses to a third-party without your full permission. We only use your data to improve the quality of your report.

We prioritise excellence

At arcensus, excellence is at the core of everything we do, from Whole Genome Sequencing to genetic interpretation, diagnosis and data security, we strive to set standards for others.

Commitment to science

Upon receiving your consent, we can use your pseudonymised genetic data to accelerate research and alleviate the conditions of other individuals with high risk or already suffering from genetic diseases.


We interpret your DNA and provide a genetic diagnosis with actionable insights about your health. We also promise to keep you updated on new discoveries and treatments.

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