myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit
myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit
myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit
myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit
myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit

myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit

Sample kit to collect your DNA

The myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit is an easy-to-use sampling kit that enables you to collect your genetic material through your saliva from home. This is a modern, non-invasive, and reliable alternative to traditional blood collection with needles.

The arcensus myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit contains saliva collectors and comes with detailed and clear instructions on how to use it.

This SamplingKit is included in all our Whole Genome Sequencing analyses such as myLifeHeart™ or myLifeCancer™. The kit allows us to collect and store your genetic data and is only necessary to perform once in a lifetime. Your stored DNA is the basis for all additional analyses and subscriptions that can be purchased through arcensus.

  • The myLifeDNA™ is only necessary once in a lifetime
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Non-invasive, no needles needed
  • Your DNA is safely stored and prepared in Germany
  • First step into the world of genetics

USD 69,00 incl. VAT

Free shipping and pickup

We offer worldwide free shipping and pickup of your sampling kit.

Made in Germany

Our tests and analyses are conducted in Germany following the highest quality standards, done by international experts.


Our easy-to-use saliva collectors don't require the use of needles. We obtain your DNA sample through your saliva.

Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions

arcensus myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit is a kit for the easy collection of saliva which is included in each Whole Genome Sequencing product. It is a simple, reliable and stable alternative to blood collection. The box contains two saliva swabs and one saliva collector with detailed instructions for use. This is the basis for our Whole Genome Sequencing services such as myLifeHeart™, myLifeCancer™, and myLifeGenome™ and only needs to be performed once in a lifetime. In case you lose your SamplingKit it is possible to re-order it separately as well.
After ordering your arcensus myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit, we will send it to your shipping address. Please, follow the instructions in the delivered box to collect the sample, register your selected Whole Genome Sequencing analysis online and initiate the collection of the box. After shipment to our laboratory in Rostock, Germany, we will prepare and store your DNA. The SamplingKit allows us to collect and store your genetic data and is only necessary to perform once in a lifetime. Any additional analyses you request can be conducted without obtaining a new sample.
Our sampling procedure is non-invasive and convenient – no needles needed. Simply swipe the head of the swabs against your inner cheeks and collect your saliva with the saliva collector. These simple actions allow to obtain sufficient cell material for the DNA analysis. Please refer to our instruction manual for more detailed information.
myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit is included in all Whole Genome Sequencing based products, such as myLifeHeart™, myLifeCancer™, or myLifeGenome™ as this is a prerequisite to use the products. It can also be aquired separately in case you lost your SamplingKit. Furthermore, it is an alternative for people who are not certain what Whole Genome Sequencing product is the most appropriate for them and wish initial consultation.
The myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit itself does not enable you to get your genome sequenced – it exclusively allows arcensus to prepare and store your DNA. The SamplingKit is included in all arcensus products such as myLifeHeart™ or myLifeCancer™, etc., which enables arcensus to sequence your genomic DNA to capture all medically relevant mutations. The genomic DNA sequencing data will last a lifetime and allows us to perform all analyses that you acquire, without the need for additional samples.

The arcensus quality and transparency codex

Professionalism and transparency

We will never share your information or disclose the result of your analyses to a third-party without your full permission. We only use your data to improve the quality of your report.

We prioritise excellence

At arcensus, excellence is at the core of everything we do, from Whole Genome Sequencing to genetic interpretation, diagnosis and data security, we strive to set standards for others.

Commitment to science

Upon receiving your consent, we can use your pseudonymised genetic data to accelerate research and alleviate the conditions of other individuals with high risk or already suffering from genetic diseases.


We interpret your DNA and provide a genetic diagnosis with actionable insights about your health. We also promise to keep you updated on new discoveries and treatments.

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