Genomic testing to protect against cancer

Testing your cancer genes will help in detecting hereditary cancer diseases early in order to find certainty, identify risks, and start timely treatment.

With myLifeCancer™, we sequence your entire genomic DNA and analyse more than 1300 genes related to cancer. After every analysis, you will receive a detailed report with further information and action points. myLifeCancer™ also includes a subscription to quarterly updates of your results based on most recent scientific knowledge.

  • Highest-quality interpretation of your genomic data
  • Analysis of more than 1300 cancer genes based on your symptoms
  • Quarterly updated results based on scientific knowledge
  • Access to professional genomic counseling
  • SamplingKit and global free shipping included

EUR 653,00 incl. VAT
Including 12 months subscription for updated results, then EUR 139,00 a year. Annual cancellation without additional cost.

Regular updates

Quarterly updates of your genomic results based on the most recent scientific knowledge.

Incidental findings

With your consent we report previously unknown genomic results in specific genes that have a treatment consequence but are not related to your potential clinical symptoms.

Easy to understand

Results and recommendations are presented in a suitable way for non-medical people and more in-depth for genomic experts.

Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions

Everybody needs to check their health status irrespective of sex, age, gender, or family background. Cancer diseases are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Many genetic cancers can be successfully prevented or treated if discovered early. Thus, genomic testing is the only method to diagnose a conditional, even before any symptoms appear. That’s why we develop sophisticated, secure, and accessible DNA-based preventive healthcare solutions that empower people around the world to take their personal health into their own hands.
No. You do not need to order a Sampling Kit separately as this is already included in myLifeCancer™.

Today only about 1% of all known mutations can be interpreted properly. However, the field of genomics is rapidly evolving, allowing us to interpret more and more mutations in the future. This means that the possibility of diagnosing a potential disease and disorder is continuously growing.

With your subscription to Arcensus services, we will update your report leveraging newly discovered research and recently interpreted mutations every three months. This way, your genetic data is continuously checked with the latest clinical research and stays up to date in a rapidly evolving medical field.

We analyse your data for cancer diseases using Whole Genome Sequencing method. The results we present include the discovered mutations on genes and information on carrier alleles that may be responsible for cancer diseases. Also, we report incidental findings, if consented.

The results of the analysis are shared with you in a report and updated to your personal portal.

Next, we offer consultations to explain your finding and treatments. We will update your report every three months based on newly discovered research and interpreted mutations. This way your genomic data is continuously checked with the latest medical science and stays up to date in a rapidly evolving medical field.

Upon receiving your result from our genomic testing, you can select the best methods of treatment such as specific medicine or surgical intervention. Additionally, we can also test your relatives to check whether they are at risk or not. Our findings can help discover potential disorders and inform your relatives to take preventive measures themselves.

The Arcensus Direct-to-Consumer ‘Genomic-testing-first’ approach allows you to

  • make an early diagnosis, even before first symptoms appear, and potentially save lives
  • optimise further diagnostic interventions resulting in reducing cost and time
  • suggest optimal treatment methods
  • suggest optimal relatives‘ screening

The arcensus quality and transparency codex

Professionalism and transparency

We will never share your information or disclose the result of your analyses to a third-party without your full permission. We only use your data to improve the quality of your report.

We prioritise excellence

At arcensus, excellence is at the core of everything we do, from Whole Genome Sequencing to genetic interpretation, diagnosis and data security, we strive to set standards for others.

Commitment to science

Upon receiving your consent, we can use your pseudonymised genetic data to accelerate research and alleviate the conditions of other individuals with high risk or already suffering from genetic diseases.


We interpret your DNA and provide a genetic diagnosis with actionable insights about your health. We also promise to keep you updated on new discoveries and treatments.

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