What is the connection of an elephant and your product?

Archie is the mascot of Arcensus – a customer-focused innovative healthcare biotech company in Germany.

We have decided to choose an elephant as the symbol and mascot of our company.  Elephants symbolize strength, memory, trust, friendship, remembrance, and a gentle soul.

Our elephant, little Archie, was born June 21st, 2021. Archie´s skin is 2.5 cm thick, which helps him to store up more water to cool himself, but he still can get sunburnt. He protects himself from this by throwing mud and sand on his back and his head after playing in the water. His trunk is the most sensitive organ found in any mammal. He can pick up a peanut, blow out its shell, and eat it. His trunk has about 150,000 muscle units. He even uses his trunk to breathe like a snorkel while swimming! Archie belongs to the world’s most iconic megafaunal family.

Archie is our trust, fairness, power, success, wisdom, loyalty, and companionship. Archie is just like all of us: Living in close-knit family groups, caring for each other, and protecting their young from distress.

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