How does the workflow at Arcensus look like?

Step 1:

If you decide to purchase a whole genome sequencing product, such as myLifeHeart™ or myLifeCancer™or the myLifeDNA™ the sampling kit will be included. The sampling kit contains all necessary equipment to obtain a perfect oral sample. Easy sampling allows to collect sufficient cell material for the DNA analysis.

Step 2:

You need to register in the Web Portal of Arcensus and complete all mandatory information. To interpret your DNA information in the correct way, you should provide your health symptoms and your medical family history as detailed as possible.

Step 3:

You will send samples back to Arcensus’ headquarter in Rostock, Germany – we organize the pickup for you. In Arcensus specialized laboratory, we will isolate the DNA from your sample. We will always perform a so-called Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with your DNA sample. For this, we will send your DNA sample in pseudonymized form to our WGS partner sequencing laboratory. After sequencing, your resulting genomic data will be sent to Arcensus. Arcensus will focus and analyze only those parts of your genome that are relevant to the product you have purchased.

Step 4:

The medical report will be uploaded to your online account. It is Arcensus’ vision and aim to be your life long medical partner and update you regularly about new research findings. Therefore, you will receive an updated medical report once per quarter according to the most recent scientific knowledge of genomic medical research.

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