A team with a shared passion for genetics and better health

From our headquarters in Rostock and Berlin, Germany, a cross-functional team of genetic experts, medical doctors and data scientists work to make the most sophisticated and best genetic interpretation with medical and health prevention applications accessible to everyone. Good comprehensibility of results, relevance and convenient medical and genetic counseling are our basic principles.

Meet our Leadership Team

Medical experts and industry leaders in genetics

Prof. Dr. Arndt RolfsChief Executive Officer and Founder

Arndt is a Professor at the University of Rostock, Germany, multi-entrepreneur in biotech, founder, and former CEO of CENTOGENE. He received his MD in 1985 and was granted a tenure track professorship for clinical neurology in 1997 at the University of Rostock. In 2008, Arndt was appointed Director of the Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration at the University of Rostock. Arndt has initiated multiple international multicenter studies in genetic disorders with an extensive track record in medical and scientific publications.

Michael SchlenkBoard Member

Michael has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for 30+ years, with 25+ years as a CEO, business angel, and investor in fast-growing biotech, pharma, and IT companies. Michael has lived and worked all over the world and in more than 10 countries for companies including Sandoz/Novartis, Abbott, ProBioGen AG, and the NASDAQ-listed CENTOGENE. He is highly experienced in building up and reorganising start-ups and technology companies. Today, he is head of the supervisory board of the IT company OXID eSales AG in Freiburg as well as a supervisory member of the MBA Programme at the University of Potsdam.
Michael founded Arcensus together with Arndt at the end of 2020.
Michael studied Business in Hamburg and completed an MBA Programme in the UK with the assistance of a BAT scholarship.

Christine UekertChief Financial Officer

Christine has worked for 20+ years as a finance executive in fast-growing, innovative and international IT and life science businesses. She has extensive experience in finance and controlling in internationally active, innovative and, above all, growing companies. Christine holds a degree in Business Economics and was most recently CFO at CENTOGENE, a global diagnostics company. There, she was responsible for developing the company's financial architecture and expansion strategy and successfully supported growth corresponding to more than a tenfold increase in sales within five years. Furthermore, she has held several management positions in biotechnology and technology companies, including curasan AG, ProBioGen AG, OD-OS GmbH, SPM Technologies GmbH and SAP Systems Integration AG.

Dr. Gabriela OpreaChief Data Officer

Gabriela holds a PhD in Natural Science from the University of Cologne, Germany and has been an active researcher in Human Genetics for almost 15 years. Her discovery and characterisation of the first protective modifier of autosomal recessive spinal muscular atrophy [Science, 2008] gained her several awards. She is a highly motivated and experienced scientist in the analysis, interpretation and utilisation of genetic information within a clinical context, efficiently turning big data into knowledge-based products. She acted as SVP Genetic Data Processing and Digital Products for 7+ years at CENTOGENE, where she contributed to the successful optimisation and automation of genetic diagnostic and curation related processes. She had the opportunity to get in-depth exposure to big-data analysis and patterns discovery, along with successful proof-of-concept of AI application in variant classification, clinical statement generation and reporting. In 2020, Gabriela was appointed as General Director at Personal Genetics (Bucharest, Romania) where she remarkably implemented the next-generation sequencing technology and methodology in house. Finding creative ideas on how to improve and optimise “things”, drives her every day.

Sebastian KellnerManaging Director / President Arcensus Inc., US

Sebastian has been working within the technology and start-up ecosystem in Europe and the US for 10+ years. With his in-depth experience in the fields of consumer products, B2B SaaS and Deep Tech (automation technology and AI), he has a holistic understanding of business building and operations. As a founder, operator and mentor for various technology start-ups in the field of B2C and B2B, he brings expansive leadership and digital product experience to Arcensus. Sebastian is an entrepreneurial professional with a bachelor‘s degree in International Management and a master‘s degree in Organisational Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School, as well as an early OnDeck Fellow.

Arcensus Genetic Testing

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A team with a shared passion for genetics and health prevention

Meet the Team

Dr. Volha SkrahinaSr. Director Clinical Programs

Volha is a strong leader, highly motivated and dedicated to all partners. She started her career during her bachelor’s thesis at the Republican Theoretical and Practical Center – ‘Mother and Child’ in Minsk, Belarus. Afterwards, she investigated the translational regulation of the innate immune response in tuberculosis infection during her master’s thesis at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Germany. She has completed her PhD thesis on the host fungal micronutrient interaction at the Hans Knoell Institute in Jena, Germany in 2018. Until early 2021, Volha has worked as a Director of Clinical Studies at CENTOGENE. She executed plenty of observational clinical studies worldwide to analyse the prevalence of rare diseases allowing patients to be diagnosed at the earliest possible moment. Additionally, she performed longitudinal observational clinical studies to validate and monitor biomarkers required for diagnosis and treatment personalisation.

Dr. Najim AmezianeSr. Director Bioinformatics Research

Najim holds a PhD in human genetics with over 15 years of experience in molecular diagnostics of hereditary disease and cancer. He pioneered the application of next-generation sequencing in the clinical genetics department of the VU Medical Center Amsterdam. He discovered novel gene-disease associations by utilizing cutting-edge technologies in the laboratory as well as bioinformatically. Najim is passionate about deciphering the human genome, which holds the code of life. He believes that comprehension of the human genome is key towards personalized management of genetic disease and improved quality of life.

Christine HirschDirector Procurement

Christine has extensive knowledge in various positions in the field of purchasing. Her experience and knowledge are based on more than 20 years of responsible, leading positions. With her degree as a certified purchaser, she has worked in various hospitals, such as Ratzeburg-Mölln and University Medicine Rostock. In her previous position as Director Procurement in a biotechnology company, she structured and successfully managed the Covid purchasing business.

Sarmad HussainDirector Government Affairs

For more than 20 years Sarmad Hussain works in the government and private sector. Sarmad has been the foreign policy advisor to different parliamentary committees and Members of the German Parliament. Before that, he was at the speechwriting section of the President of the German Parliament and the Committee on European Affairs. He worked also at NATO in Brussels the German Permanent Mission to United Nations in New York and the European Parliament. His publications include pares about the CFSP and the relation between NATO and EU as well as a booklet about Parliamentary terminology written for the German Parliament. In the last years, he worked as a Lobbyist in the energy sector as well as the agrochemical sector. He is fluent in German, English, French and Urdu. He holds an MA in Political Science and International Law from the University of Bonn Sarmad is a fellow of the American Council on Germany and the Manfred Woerner Seminar for Young Leader. His most recent TV appearance was an interview in CNN-International on ”The New Immigration Law in Germany”.

Maria ElmrichSenior Director HR

Maria is an analytical strong, highly motivated, people-focussed, hands-on personality, holding a master's degree in Business Administration and a diploma in Education Sciences. For 10+ years, she has been working in various roles for well-known companies like Amazon, Webhelp and CENTOGENE. However, her business heart beats for HR roles in fast-paced multinational environments with continuously changing requirements where she can live out her strengths: setting-up structures, standards and procedures in a very short period.

Gregor IlgDirector Digital Products

Gregor has 10+ years of experience in managing software development teams and in building and coaching startups with digital business models. He is an expert in agile software development, digital product management and assumption-based product validation.

Ralph MoarkechDirector IT

Ralph has 20+ years of experience managing IT departments in the EMEA region across multiple sectors covering banking, education, technology, and commercial operations. His area of expertise covers infrastructure, networking, security, and cloud computing. He has launched several initiatives with leading tech companies including Cisco and Microsoft. Ralph has an engineering degree in Computer & Communications from the American University of Beirut with a focus on Engineering Management.

A letter from our CEO and founder

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